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App releases for the last 4 weeks

App transfers count (seller change)

Newest apps

Oldest apps

Jirbo Avatar by Jirbo, Inc.
2.06 Mb (Free)
Kids Puzzle Pop by Jirbo, Inc.
2.28 Mb (1.99 USD)
AstroTilt ™ Premium by Jirbo, Inc.
3.52 Mb (1.99 USD)
NearPics by Alex Price
0.1 Mb (Free)
Kids Game Pack by Jirbo, Inc.
2.84 Mb (0.99 USD)
Hyperspace by Jirbo, Inc.
8.06 Mb (Free)
Kids Quest by Jirbo, Inc.
1.74 Mb (Free)
Marble Mash ™ Premium by Jirbo, Inc.
7.08 Mb (Free)
Jirbo Match : Child Developmen... by Jirbo, Inc.
2.1 Mb (Free)
Says for Kids by Jirbo, Inc.
1.29 Mb (Free)

Apps with release date in future

iClassniki.ru by Marty Hart
寿司王タイクーン by SESISOFT Co., Ltd.
Free the Witch by Big Fish Games, Inc
Omat Varat by Iteco Sec Oy
Somday by Somday Limited
xingshi by kang tan
Nice Browse App Pros by yang Wang
カロリサイズ by Konami Sports & Life Co., Ltd....
EQ - Music Player by Mack Maison

Fattest apps on app store

G-Map U.S. & Canada by XROAD, INC.
1.98 Gb (49.99 USD)
NavAtlas U.S. & Canada by Dual Electronics Corp.
1.98 Gb (Free)
Dynavix USA GPS Navigation by DYNAVIX a.s.
1.93 Gb (33.99 USD)
Ituran W.EUR by Ituran USA Inc.
1.91 Gb (74.99 USD)
Dynavix Western Europe GPS Nav... by DYNAVIX a.s.
1.88 Gb (38.99 USD)
France Guide by Yong Li
1.87 Gb (Free)
Falk Navigator Plus Europe by Falk Content & Internet Soluti...
1.87 Gb (43.99 USD)
导航大叔专业版HD-城际通荣誉出品... by Beijing Cityonmap Information ...
1.86 Gb (11.99 USD)
Videocorso per Photoshop CC by TEACHER IN A BOX SAS DI TAMBUR...
1.86 Gb (199.99 USD)
Tennis Serve Domination by Gary Guerrero
1.86 Gb (Free)

Most priced apps

Add2Cart WhiteLabel by Data Driven Decisions LLC
5.14 Mb (899.99 USD)
202.05 Mb (899.99 USD)
Learner Voices by SBP DIGITAL LTD
6.99 Mb (799.99 USD)
Pixture Publish by AXE INTERNATIONAL
0.69 Mb (799.99 USD)
dcStoryO Specal 中文版 by HBspace
1.08 Gb (799.99 USD)
dcStory Pro 日本版 by HBspace
1.5 Gb (799.99 USD)
全景课堂 by Win Win Technology Co.,Ltd.
28.03 Mb (799.99 USD)
EvoCrop by Rustic Evolutions Pty Ltd
26.08 Mb (799.99 USD)
QA Manager by Q1i, Inc
11.06 Mb (799.99 USD)
dcStoryO Specal by HBspace
1.07 Gb (799.99 USD)

Top applications USA 2015-02-24

Max Virus Shield by Max Secure Software India Private Limited
27000 pts
Best Popular Skins for Minecra... by Nora Blaha
26973 pts
Skull & Halloween Backgrounds by novitap GmbH
19000 pts
Bean's Quest by Kumobius Pty Ltd
89530 pts
Ace Block Slender Man Multipla... by Nora Blaha
84790 pts
Ace Cops N Robbers - Halloween... by Nora Blaha
84400 pts
Buddyman™ Kick 2 (by Kick the ... by Crazylion Studios Limited
74805 pts
Delicious - Emily's True Love ... by RealNetworks, Inc.
67464 pts
Modern Combat 5: Blackout by Gameloft
85000 pts
Block - Wipeout version with s... by Nora Blaha
84680 pts
AIR BLOCK SHOOTER (Pixlgun Poc... by Nora Blaha
84345 pts
Delicious - Emily's Childhood ... by RealNetworks, Inc.
73680 pts
Block MTN-WRD 3D by Nora Blaha
66485 pts
Gangstar Rio: City of Saints by Gameloft
84915 pts
Block RollerCoaster - with ski... by Nora Blaha
84595 pts
Buddyman™ Kick (by Kick the Bu... by Crazylion Studios Limited
74920 pts
69370 pts


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