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App releases for the last 4 weeks

App transfers count (seller change)

Newest apps

StopTags New Zealand by Ironshod Limited
女王 gametower by International Games System Co....
Osper by Osper Ltd

Oldest apps

Jirbo Avatar by Jirbo, Inc.
2.06 Mb (Free)
Kids Puzzle Pop by Jirbo, Inc.
2.28 Mb (1.99 USD)
AstroTilt ™ Premium by Jirbo, Inc.
3.52 Mb (1.99 USD)
NearPics by Alex Price
0.1 Mb (Free)
Kids Game Pack by Jirbo, Inc.
2.84 Mb (0.99 USD)
Hyperspace by Jirbo, Inc.
8.06 Mb (Free)
Kids Quest by Jirbo, Inc.
1.74 Mb (Free)
Marble Mash ™ Premium by Jirbo, Inc.
7.08 Mb (Free)
Jirbo Match : Child Developmen... by Jirbo, Inc.
2.1 Mb (Free)
Says for Kids by Jirbo, Inc.
1.29 Mb (Free)

Apps with release date in future

Super Pirates by XiaoBin Zeng
Ponta adds some really impress... by Alfred Ramunas
Just 6 Weeks: 100 Pushups Plus... by Alfred Ramunas
Somday by Somday Limited
db POSMobile by Deutsche Bank AG
寻欢武侠 by liangyu zhou
Music Shower Obsidian! The Bes... by Jieming Chen
Fonta Plus Pro by Juhken Kunderi
WordCross! by Apprope AB
Una Carrerita by Televisa Digital, Comercio Mas...

Fattest apps on app store

Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 by Disney Electronic Content, Inc...
3.54 Gb (Free)
添付文書バンク - 完全オフライン仕様 - 2015年度版... by Atsushi Kimura
3.05 Gb (16.99 USD)
EyeDraw by Optimed Limited
2.83 Gb (Free)
Dialog Editing For Film And TV... by Nonlinear Educating Inc. (macP...
2.78 Gb (4.99 USD)
Art Expert by Gabriel Dana
2.7 Gb (3.99 USD)
Bird Expert+ by Mesaros Laurentiu
2.65 Gb (4.99 USD)
NLife USA Premium - Offline GP... by Wazado Mobile Applications B.V...
2.49 Gb (19.99 USD)
天玺国际中心 by liyong zhu
2.42 Gb (Free)
Lexus Interactive by Corporacion AATEC Inc, S.A.
2.33 Gb (Free)
Broken Age ™ by Double Fine Productions, Inc.
2.33 Gb (9.99 USD)

Most priced apps

Add2Cart WhiteLabel by Data Driven Decisions LLC
5.14 Mb (899.99 USD)
199.38 Mb (899.99 USD)
Learner Voices by SBP DIGITAL LTD
6.99 Mb (799.99 USD)
Pixture Publish by AXE INTERNATIONAL
0.69 Mb (799.99 USD)
QA Manager by Q1i, Inc
11.06 Mb (799.99 USD)
iAudiometer PRO by Melmedtronics, Inc.
15.46 Mb (799.99 USD)
全景课堂 by Win Win Technology Co.,Ltd.
28.03 Mb (799.99 USD)
dcStory Pro 日本版 by HBspace
1.5 Gb (799.99 USD)
微贷精理 by The Micro Finance Technology (...
19.92 Mb (799.99 USD)
EvoCrop by Rustic Evolutions Pty Ltd
26.08 Mb (799.99 USD)

Top applications USA 2015-05-24

PDF Reader Pro Edition - Annot... by iTECH DEVELOPMENT SYSTEMS INC.
25000 pts
Toca Lab by Toca Boca AB
22000 pts
Toca Hair Salon 2 by Toca Boca AB
17000 pts
Toca Builders by Toca Boca AB
16949 pts
Toca Pet Doctor by Toca Boca AB
16898 pts
Toca Tailor by Toca Boca AB
16847 pts
Active Voice : Instantly conve... by Tensift Software
25000 pts
Toca Hair Salon Me by Toca Boca AB
21978 pts
Toca Town by Toca Boca AB
16983 pts
Toca House by Toca Boca AB
16932 pts
Toca Birthday Party by Toca Boca AB
16881 pts
24975 pts
Easy Typing -- Larger and Bett... by Canzhi Ye
20000 pts
Toca Kitchen by Toca Boca AB
16966 pts
Toca Train by Toca Boca AB
16915 pts
Toca Cars by Toca Boca AB
16864 pts
Minecraft Skin Studio Encore -... by 57Digital Ltd
70000 pts
Minecraft Skin Scanner by 57Digital Ltd
66841 pts
Minecraft Explorer Pro by 57Digital Ltd
69960 pts
WW2 Zombie 3D - Slaughter the ... by Barry Calvagna
59840 pts
Minecraft Papercraft Studio by 57Digital Ltd
69890 pts


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