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We have complete snapshot of Apple's AppStore to date. Also, we tracks all changes that happen to every single app or publisher in AppStore.

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With daily reports to email and powerfull web dashboard. Monitor iOS and MacOS market and your competitors. See what steps they make in realtime. Export data to CSV for further analysis.

Know what happend, and what's happening

Unlike App Annie or Distimo, we do not sell you your own data and stats, and we don't require your iTunes Connect credentials. Instead, we make value out of tens of Gigabytes of an official Apple data daily.

There is no knowledge that is not power

Gain new customers, improve your apps, learn from industry leaders, ride the trends. StatsiOS will help you with all of those.

“An Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

-Benjamin Franklin



Your company here

Your company here

"This is the only online service that is capable of providing a complete overview of how the App Store operates. Having an access to such unique data opens up a whole new set of opportunities for the App Store marketing research, especially for a competitor analysis.
In particular, Statsios helped us grow our potential client base through a detailed analysis of App transfers data for a period of 6 months.
Folks, thanks a lot for such a tremendous work!"

- Roman Kolos,

comboapp Comboapp is a full cycle communications and marketing solutions provider for a global mobile marketplace.

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Check out how Supercell improved their Clash of Clans icon
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...and thats only a fraction of what StatsiOS can do

We are shuttig down!

It was a fun journey, studying insides of the Appstore, learning to handle terabytes of data.
But its time for us to move to other projects.

StatsOS was created by:

Current users' subscriptions will be cancelled, last payments refunded.

We will maintain our databases for some time, in case anyone wants to buy
latest Appstore's snapshot (we offer SQL dump and raw Couchdb dump).

If you are interesred mail me at

We also offer licensing of our engine.


We have complete history of Apple's AppStore since early 2013 on file, as well as all current Appstore data. If you are somehow related to Apps or Appstore, you should consider StatsiOS as your data-source.

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